Day Workshop

“So Glad 2 Be Me” is a fun and practical day-long workshop for girls ages 7-12 year olds, proven to build self-esteem, self-acceptance and healthy body image.

The age appropriate information, activities and learning strategies provide girls with the positive foundation on which to build a happy and healthy self.

  • increase self-esteem and confidence
  • instill healthy body image
  • reinforce her sense of purpose and importance
  • teach her how not to be influenced by negative peers and media messages
  • reduce stress and teach her coping skills

This workshop can be easily adapted as a small “at home” workshop for your daughter and her friends!

Upcoming Day Workshops:

After-School Programs

Words 2 Live By

This unique after school/lunch time program offers girls a chance to gather with others who share their challenges, their interests and their desire to learn new things.

The program is designed to help girls sort through the daily “drama” that can influence friendships, self esteem, thoughts of “where I fit in” and everyday challenges. Each session will combine group discussions and creative expression through journaling and scrapbooking.

Most importantly, girls will continue to experience higher self esteem, self acceptance and a toolbox to manage challenges.

S.T.R.O.N.G Girls

S.T.R.O.N.G (Supportive, Trusted, Resilient, Open-Hearted, Nourishing and Grateful) Girls is designed for girls in grades 7, 8, and 9 to come together in a safe environment to share feelings, ask questions, discuss current women’s issues, etc., that influence girls as they transition into young adulthood.

Girls will anonymously suggest topics and questions they would like to cover over the 12 sessions.  Like “Words 2 Live By” girls will form new life skills to take on changes and challenges while increasing their sense of identity and self-love.  This program will also provide a supportive environment that empower girls to live their best life.

By the end of the twelve weeks girls will have formed close friendships and will have the opportunity to share each other’s contact information to continue to encourage, support and empower one another.

Upcoming After-School Programs:

Summer Day-Camp

This “uniquely specialized” summer day camp teaches girls ages 7-12 yrs to recognize & embrace that beauty & acceptance comes from within.

Dealing with stress, changes, teasing and expectations can be a smoother ride if girls have helpful tools and strategies.

Media messages seem to be reaching girls at a younger age. Combined with peer influences and minimal coping strategies, many girls are often confused, anxious and lacking in self esteem.

Summer can be the best time to develop new strategies for dealing with challenges and changes that both school and life present to girls.

Why not have them join me for this “jam-packed” day camp full of hands-on activities designed to help girls love and accept themselves based on WHO they are, not WHAT they look like.

They will discover their own uniqueness and talents all while enjoying crafts like scrapbooking, beading, picture frame creations, personalized brochures, media literacy posters, activities and much, much more.

Girls will discover that self worth, acceptance and strength has been inside of them all along just waiting to be uncovered…!

If they liked the 1 day workshop, they will LOVE the 5 day camps!!

Upcoming Summer Day-Camps:


Audio Workshop

A unique twist on the day workshop, the audio workshop allows girls to work through the program completely on their own (parents may assist of course!). The audio workshop is divided into three programs: “This is Me…Inside and Out”, “This is Me…Head to Toe” and “This is Me…Through Changes and Challenges.” Given worksheets, list of materials for crafts, and the .mp3 files girls are able to work their way through the program on their own time. The value of the audio files, is that girls can listen to them over and over again 🙂 Included are two meditations designed to help girls relax and manage changes and challenges.

The program will helps girls build a strong true sense of who they are and be proud of their uniqueness that will lead them a life of health and happiness!

Check out a sample from “This is Me…Inside and Out”


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